4 Tips to a Healthy Lifestyle

We’re half-way through the year. I’d like to visit something many have not thought of in six months: New Years resolutions.

For some, those three words are dreaded as much as a dentist appointment. For others, it’s an opportunity for a clean slate. Did you know approximately 50% of people who make a New Years resolution never stick to them?

If you guessed weight loss as the number one resolution on the list, you’re correct. But just how do you lose weight? It really comes down to a few tips to accomplish your goals.

1. Educate

Take time to research what it is you desire to change. Start with making one healthier choice every day. This will start to build and you will notice you feel better and crave more healthy, wholesome foods. Look at the recipes, food labels, and determine where you can make a swap. Google and Pinterest are great resources – you can type in “clean swap” and then the ingredient you’re looking to replace and will find many options.

2. Be Specific

If you want to drop two pants sizes, how are you going to do so? Think about your end goal and then work backwards – this will help determine the steps you need and fill-in the gaps or areas where you may need some additional assistance. If you need to hire a trainer, take a class, or find a workout buddy, be specific about the who and the what!

3. Make a Plan

A weekly schedule will help tremendously. Once you have your goal broken down and your plan is set, schedule it. For example: if you need to hit the gym four times a week, then schedule your gym time on the days that work for you. Each week, sit dow adn make a game plan. This goes for meals, shopping, and outings as well. Plan, plan, plan!

4. Be Consistent

Consistency is key to making a healthy lifestyle. None of us are perfect. If you have a bad day, don’t dwell on a bad choice, just make a better/healthier one the next opportunity that comes your way. Maybe that’s within a few hours or the next day. Allow for some freedom and flexibility – if you want to go out for a beer and pizza, it’s OK. Yes, it’s o-k!

Here are a few more tips for living a healthy lifestyle:

  • drink water, aim for a gallon per day
  • get eight hours of sleep
  • eat every 3-4 hours, or when you’re hungry
  • be active
  • keep a journal

Whether your goal is to lose weight, get healthy, or just make better choices, it all starts with determination and mindset. Because you can do anything you put your mind to! Promise me that you’ll love yourself and the life you live for!

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