Could not be anymore proud!

My client and friend Amy Jo amazes me in every way.
September 1st she set out on a mission.
Goal: 90 days to loose 37 pounds for her 37th Birthday
She joined our 30 day weight loss challenge for 3 months, worked out with me at the gym almost daily and started eating clean.
My favorite part of her journey was not just the inches or the pounds lost it was the confidence gained and the motivation to push herself not only in the gym but in every aspect of her life. She is a true light to many people.
Day number 90 she got on the scale and HIT IT!!  37 pounds lost!
You may ask yourself what does Amy have that I do not, why can’t I do this?
It is because she started to value herself, put herself first and believe that she could do it!
  Amy Jo, Before Picture Sept. 1s 2012
Hear from Amy Jo herself;
September 1st was not just another day for me it was the first time I turned in  my challenge photo! I have taken some before but never gave it to anyone. At 200lbs I was a mom, wife, and friend but I was not myself. I was doing things for everyone else, while hiding in my clothes and food.
Each day I got up knowing what I had to do and did it with no more excuses. I started in the kitchen because food is a factor in a lifestyle change. Learning about what food fuels my body was key. 
What about the Gym you ask? I spent a lot of time in the gym, however that was my choice.  When you have a great friend and trainer like Nichole Winter and other hard body ladies Jessica and Nikki, I was accountable to being at the gym each morning. Nichole’s technique of useing the gym is not boring, repetitious or stagnate. I never knew what I was going to do each day but I knew I felt amazing!!
My progress
Started at 200 pounds September 1st
NOW 163 on November 30th
Total Inches lost; 12 3/4
Tools I used; Clean Eating, Training hard with Nichole Winter and Isagenix

Now I have a family that loves the energy that I have! Maybe not so much in the kitchen they miss the pizza, fried foods and garlic bread but the brussels sprouts, mushrooms, and chicken are very welcomed to their new taste buds!

I do have to Thank Isagenix for being a great tool that allows my body to be nourished and supports the new me.  I have shown myself what I can do and am excited for my new goals. Bring it on Hard Bodies!

Amy Jo’s after Picture Nov. 30th 2012
As I said before I could not be anymore proud!

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