“Falling off”

As a personal trainer and clean eating coach I work with clients who all have different goals towards better health and reasons to take control of their own health. So many of us have something in common and that is what I call  “Falling Off”. I hear this from many.

I was a yo-yo dieter for 7 years. Yes I was like so many. Loose some weight then gain some weight and all over again.  I was right there with the “Falling Off”.  

This fall was a common time for many to come to me and say . . . I need to get back on track, Summer was so hard . . . .  My kids sports are over, I need to get back on track . . . . . . .  Work has slowed down, I need to get back on track.

Really, do you know what these comments are?  EXCUSES. They are not the real reason why you fell off. The word Diet is just a word and never lasts very long for anyone but the word Lifestyle has more meaning to it. You are still living your life and yet controlling the life you want to live.

I want to share a few tips and thoughts to get over the Falling Off saga.

1. Rid your life of Excuses. They only get you farther from your goals.  Think about this, there will always be something more important than that workout you should be doing. There will always be a donut or pizza staring at you looking better than your salad.  You will always have kids and their busy schedule. To help stay away from excuses is to keep focused on your goals.   Try for 7 days to be Excuse Free!

2. Goal creating and planning.  Planning how you are going to get to your goals will help you stay on track.  Remember a goal is only a wish unless you write it down and will always remain a goal if you do not give it a deadline.
Here are a few tips:  a. Get a Journal (it can be as simple as a notebook)
                                 b. Write your Goals in the Journal, they can be both big and small goals!
                                 c. Take each goal and break it down to how you will get there!
                                 d. Get out your calendar to schedule in workouts and meal planning.
                                 e. Open your journal often and take notes about how you are doing.
 Here is an example: Your BIG goal is to release 20lbs by Christmas.  You will break it down by a weekly plan. This will include how many workouts you want to schedule in and planning your meals.
When you break down your goals it will not seem so overwhelming.

3. Consistency! I am not asking you to be perfect when living a heathy life.  It is not about being perfect. It is about always trying, making better choices and doing them consistently.

4. Surround Yourself with Like minded People!  The feeling of being alone it not fun. Ask a friend to meet you for workouts, or to do some meal prepping together. Statistics show that you will be more successful with your goals when you surround your self with others that have the same goals.  Beside it is way more fun spending time with a friend at the gym! Shift your thoughts.  You do not need to meet them for a after work cocktail.  Meet them for a workout!  Knowing a friend is at the gym waiting for you,  you cannot skip!

5. Reach out,  the moment you feel yourself  “Falling off”  find a friend, coach or trainer that will hold you accountable.

6. Takes time, remember this shift in your mindset takes time. You cannot expect this to happen over night.

7. Be real with yourself.  You know in your heart what derails you, you know the excuses that come out of your mouth. Accept it and promise yourself you will improve.

A thought I want to add to all the mommies out there. You know that Mommy Guilt you have when you go out for a workout or when you make the kids their not so favorite healthy meal.  You want to change their mind set to, we are setting a excellent example for our children to be active and respecting the one body we have! We are teaching them how to eat for nutrition and for good health.  Be proud even if they do not like it a first! I promise you if you lead by example they will come around.

Remember you can have anything from your life. You are in control of it!  You deserve the best health, the best life, whatever it is you desire and you do not have to feel bad for it.

 Your health should not control your life but your life should control your health.
Do your best that is all I ask,
Nichole Winter

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