Girls Weekend to Napa Valley


Girls weekends are called for fantastic food, good wine, relaxation, coffee and lots of laughs. We accomplished this all and some!

Fun Facts about Napa Valley:

  • Only 4% of Wine Grapes grown in California come from Napa Valley.
  • There are just under 500 Winery’s in Napa Valley.
  • 95% of the Winery’s are family owned.
  • Napa Valley is known for Cabernet Sauvignon. (I did taste delicious Pinot Noir too).


With almost 500 wineries and most visitors trips there are for a long weekend, planning can be very overwhelming. Each winery is unique and beautiful in their own way so it is hard to narrow them down.

A few things I learned thru the planning and our time there.

  1.  Start your day early and only visit 4 wineries a day. Most Wineries are closed by 5 pm. You do not want to feel rushed. This time is meant to slow down and enjoyed.
  2. Visit Smaller Wineries. Think of those off the beaten path. The main Hwy 29 was not what we imagined Napa to look and feel but the moment we got of the Highway it was everything we had dreamed of. Also the larger more commercial wineries can be so busy you will not enjoy that personalized service.
  3. Mix it up! Plan your day to have not only tastings but a few tours. Do not forget to enjoy bread and cheese platters. With all the wine you will need it. img_3390

We decided to work with Chris from  From the very first phone call, Chris took the time to get to know our favorite wines and what we wanted to experience. Of course we had a recommendation list from friends. Then he had his. We ended up being very grateful for this. The over whelming feeling of planning and selecting went away after our first phone call.

Chris took us to a perfect variety. Lets just say he nailed it.  He took such great care of us, including a picnic right in the car in between tastings, a perfect lunch and many, many laughs.

Winery’s we visited:

  • GooseCross: The building itself was spotless, service was personal, did not feel rushed, views were gorgeous! It was defiantly relaxing and the wine was AMAZING!
  • Stoney Hill: Known for their whites, offered breathtaking views, 146 acres, 40 being vines, a 1950’s pool. I cannot forget to mention 1:1 tasting! Meaning we we’re the only ones there at the time. Talk about feeling special.
  • Duckhorn: Was a classic, so beautiful and the wine …. ohhh the wine it was delicious!
  • Trefethen: Gorgeous entrance, we felt as if we were warm and welcoming home. Sat in a great room! We were off the beaten path!


Napa is not only filled with plenty of wineries the area offers some of the most tasty fresh restaurants. I love to use the app. YELP and we asked our Winery hosts their recommendations. Many of you know a rule I have when traveling. That is to only eat at restaurants you do not have at home. I also try to enjoy meals that I might not find at home.  Our favorite was our Lunch on Saturday at Homestead. I enjoyed a glass of Rose Bubbly and the Potato gnocchi with mushrooms, smoked turnips, fall squash and pepitas.




img_3486I cannot say enough about My Napa Valley Driver, Chris and his professionalism. Our day with him was our favorite!

This was our first girls trip and will not be the last. Such a great experience for all of us and loved making these memories.

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