How to become a Meal Prepping Pro!

Meal Prep can take a little practice but with time you can be a pro!!  For some this can be key for success.  Prepping your meals in advance will have you ready to grab and go at any time.

First you want to look at your life style and weekly schedule. I work from home the majority of the time and have a family of 5. I never prep breakfast because I feel we are home and my family prefers their eggs or oatmeal fresh. My husband works out of the home so I prep his lunches and place them in individual containers in the freezer so they are always ready for him to grab and add to his lunch box. As for our dinners this depends on the schedule for the week.  If there are sports or meetings that we will be at, I may prep those meals or it will be a crock pot meal. If we are home it is just in the meal plan.

For those who may work out of the home and evenings are a rush this is where more prepping may come in handy.

 (Pictured: Hard Boiled Eggs, Trail Mix, Cinnamon Protein Bars, Turkey
Chili and Seasoned Turkey Burgers)


You hear a lot about prepping on Sundays for the week. However if Wednesday is your day off do it then. It really does not matter the actual day.
Items I  prep weekly:
Hard Boiled Eggs
Trail Mix (I like to mix up on my own and place in individual containers)
Peanut Butter Balls or Protein Bars
Wash and cut all fruit and veggies.
I select 2 to 3 main courses to prep.
Here are a few ideas:
Turkey Burgers
Grilled Chicken and Veggies
Ground Bison, Veggies and Couscous
Turkey Chili
(Pictured: Peanut Butter Protein Balls, Trail Mix,
Hard Boiled Eggs, and Pumpkin Protein Bars)

When I am prepping I am always making a dinner too. For example today when cooking I made a batch of White Chicken Chili and I made extra, why not? I will put the extra in containers to freeze for lunches.

(Pictured: Lunches ready to freeze; Chicken w/veggies, Bison w/veggies
and Turkey Burger w/veggies)

When making a meal on a week night, I will  make a double batch. You can freeze just about anything.  It does not take any longer to make a double batch, and now you have a freezer meal ready when you have a busy evening!

(Pictured: Freezer Meals Ready for the Crock Pot)

A new kind of prepping I just started is freezer meals ready for the crock pot. Last week I made 5 meals with different proteins, veggies and seasonings. In the morning when heading out for work you just have to throw in the crock pot on low for the day.

Are you new to prepping?  Here are a few things to ask yourself to get started.

If you find yourself skipping breakfast then YES you need to prep. Make oatmeal or protein pancakes in advance. A Isagenix Protein shake is quick and easy!
For your snack during the day, What do you eat? Fruit, Yogurt, Protein bar? What can you prep and have ready? I like to make protein bars and to take it to the next step and individually wrap them, then they are ready to grab and add to your lunch box.
As for your lunch? What is your favorite? Are you a salad lover? Then cut your veggies and prep your protein,  if your protein is chicken then grill it up!
When it comes to dinner, look at your schedule. You have two options. Plan them or prep them.

Once you have looked at your week and made a plan, make your grocery list and head out to the store.  When you get home you are ready to prep for success!!

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