Keeping Focus will help in your Success

It is that time of the year, New Years is past us; Summer cannot get here fast enough and for most if us we let the weather control how we feel and what we do. Keeping focused on your goals is a big part of your success!
Here are a few fun and quick tips to help keep you focused:
Keep a daily food journey.
Schedule in your workouts at the beginning of the week.
Always try!
If you have a bad meal or bad day, remember tomorrow is a new day!
Find a workout buddy or friends that are supportive.
Plan your meals.
Drink a gallon of water each day.
Always have nuts and an Isagenix protein bar in your purse.
(for those “ohh its been 3 hrs. moments”)
Get 8 hours of sleep.
Do not beat yourself up.
Do not focus on the Scale, take measurements.
Reach out to someone when struggling.
Remember you are never alone on this Journey!
Keep up your progress on your Journey!
Best Wishes, Nichole Winter

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