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I have a few new tips for meal prepping. The holidays are a very busy time of the year and many use this as an excuse to not be able to stay on track! In reality this is an even more important time of the year to stay on track. A few weeks ago I blogged about Meal Prepping however today I wanted to add a few more tips. This will help in your success.


Prepping on your Sunday it does not mean you have to be in the kitchen all day. I am going to share a few ideas to help you complete it from start to finish a bit faster!!!

1. Plan what dish you are going to make and plan to double it (then some can go in the freezer)  Select two main dishes with similar ingredients.   This will also make all the chopping and prepping easier.
Example: Turkey Chili and Mexican Casserole.  I would just brown all the ground turkey in the same pan.  Then the following week I would make 2 dishes with Chicken. Again by doubling them your freezer is building with a nice variety!

Tip: When freezing remember to label what is in the container so your remember!

2. Make sure the dishwasher is empty and the sink is full of hot soapy water. I do this because I can do the dishes as I go. I will make my Waffle mix in a glass bowl then when done I will wash it quick and use it again for cookies that I am making!   Clean up is the part I do not like about meal prep but if I complete it as I go then I do not notice it!

3. Think of the order and what need to bake and how long will think take. Many times I will make protein bars and while they are baking I will brown my ground turkey and then I will be making Whole Wheat Waffles. After I take each waffle out of the iron I stir up my turkey.  This may take some practice but it will cut your time.  When making multiple things it is best to set a timer on some so you do not forget. No one wants burnt cookies!!!

I hope these three new tips help you in your meal prepping! This is key for many of us to continue to eat our best thru the week even when our schedule is full of activities every night or you have to work late!

My advise for you is to keep practicing it will come and you will soon be a pro!

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