My Minnesota Wedding Show

On Saturday I spent the day meeting couples at the My Minnesota Wedding Show in Monticello. It may have been snowing but is did not stop many couples to come and meet the areas Top Wedding Professionals. I love to see a little snow never stops a true Minnesotan.

Throughout the day I met many great people, and of course talked weddings and honeymoons all day. Some of the hot destinations brides were thinking about were, Jamaica, Bahamas, Mexico and Hawaii. With all the snow falling it was really easy to think about that dream honeymoon. Not only destinations were on the top of our conversation but so was all the extraordinary resorts to offer.
A few of the hot resorts: Sandals
El Dorado
Palace Resorts

You may hear me say that this vacation will be one of the most memorable vacations you two take together as a married couple. With that in mind are you searching on your own? Where to go and what resort to select, all the options can be over whelming, consider having a travel expert help you with all the large and small details. I love to start our relationship with a few questions, this will help all of us.

Here is a thought to get you started;
Describe you Honeymoon in 3 to 5 words? Each of you do this, that will show you if you are on the same page of what style of honeymoon you both want.

Budget, this is a big word for some. Do not let it scare you, this maybe your first vacation on your own as an adult, in reality how are you to know what to budget. This again is where I will step in and advice what might be that typically budget for the style of honeymoon you want and from there we will see if that is a COMFORTABLE budget for the two of you.

Adam Welz was also there, the President of the Central Minnesota Wedding Association. He spent the day handing out the Bride Guide. If you do not have one and would like one please email me and I will mail you one.
Check out page 76 for the Honeymoon Travel Tips; written by Nichole Winter.
Then check out our ad on page 78.

Here are some great wedding planning websites:
I look forward to help you plan your dream honeymoon . . . . Nichole Winter

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