North Loop Maui (HWY 30)

My family and I just returned from a 2 month stay on the island of Maui! Last year I had the realization that my oldest would be a senior and time is flying by! I also have had the desire recently to miss the winter.  Being from Minnesota our winters can get long. I love warm weather and the activities you can do in the warm weather. It was time to go after a big exciting dream! I got planning and knew Maui was our perfect destination.  We had visited Ohau and Maui 2 years ago. We just loved that vacation and still talked about it.

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing what some of our favorite activities we did during our stay!

Our first days trip was the North Loop Coastline (HWY 30).  With a little research we planned out a few stops and let the long, narrow and windy take us away for a fun day. When taking this drive you will find each stop with the mile markers.

Our 6 Stops:

#1: MM 33:  A great view point for Honolua Bay! You will find both surfers and snorkelers here. You can either pack your snorkel gear and head in the water, or chill for awhile and watch the surfers.  Make sure you take in the veiws all around you!

#3. MM 38.5: Nakalele Point &  Nakalele Blowhole; Many visitors come here to see the blowhole. There is also a short hike past tide pools with many rock formations to see.  Once you have hiked down to the blowhole if you look to your right you will find the heart rock. It took us a bit, but found it. I will give you a tip, it is smaller then you think. I was looking for something larger.

#2. MM 40: Ohai Trail; This is a 1.2 mile hike. While I love just about any hike, I would have to admit I do not think my kids enjoyed it as much as I did. This is a casual hike, simple landscapes but beautiful ocean views. I think at this point they were excited to cool off and swim in the Olivine pools.

#4. MM 16: Olivine Pools; Please be very carful when visiting here. The waves can be dangerous.  It took us a bit to find them but all of the sudden they appeared. With a small hike down the hill we were in the pools. It is so neat to see how the lava has formed.

#5. Banana Bread. I do not remember the mile marker. Enjoying some local Hawaiin Banana and Mango bread is a must for our family.

#6.Waihee Ridge Tail: This can be a stop  another stop however we hiked this trail on a separate day. On the east side of West Maui, and right across from Mendes Ranch, turn onto Maluhia Road, which takes you to the start of the 2.5-mile hiking trail. Along the way, you’ll take in views of the Waihee Gorge. I would not reccommened this trail if it rained the day/night before. We when as it was muddy.  It was so beautiful here! Besides the mud it was my favorite hike.


Please keep in mind when enjoying the West Loop on Maui, we reccommened packing a cooler with some waters, snacks or even a lunch. There are not many stops along the way. The took our family about 4-5 hours for the entire loop starting at our condo and returning back. Last remember some of these stops have warning signs for your safety, please keep your eye open for them.

Most of all Enjoy and  have a great time. 


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