One Question I am always asked . . ..

Where is your favorite spot to vacation?


I am asked this all the time and it is so hard to answer. I never give just one answer.

I never have disliked a destination, overall I have enjoyed each destination for different reasons! I think to myself how I love Cancun for how easy it is to get to, I love Cabo for how different it is, I love St.Lucia for the beauty, then I think about Jamaica the people and the beaches. My list goes on and on of favorites!
However the one destination always on my favorite list is Negril, Jamaica. Part of the reason is this is where my husband and I honeymoon and we feel in love with traveling there. We have not stopped traveling since both to new and old places.
Another reason I narrow it down to Negril is for the beaches. Negril has Bloody Bay Beach and the famous 7 Mile Beach. Both are so beautiful and perfect for a morning run or to enjoy the romantic sunset.
This destination is both family friendly, fun for groups and very romantic. 

 Overall I love to visit new destinations! There is so many beautiful places to see and learn from.

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