Remember the reason for this season . . . .


The Holidays are here and that means many Americans will be adding a few pounds to their bodies! Did you know that the pounds you add on over the next 6 weeks the average person will not loose those pounds will stay on. I have a few fun easy tips to help you stay on track and avoid those extra pounds.
First tip it is to change your mindset. Make the holidays about family and friends. Get away from the kitchen where all the food is and go play with your nieces and nephews!  The holidays is a great time for delicious meals and desserts but it does not mean it is time to over indulge. Pre order what you are going to stay away from and what are you going to treat yourself with! You can do this and still have the most magical holiday season, I promise!


A few healthy Ideas for your Thanksgiving Dinner:


Roasted asparagus in place of green bean casserole


Mashed cauliflower in place of mashed potatoes


Baked sweet potatoes topped with coconut oil and cinnamon instead of marshmallows


Serve a nice side salad full of veggies!


Replace any butter for coconut oil.


Bake a clean and low sugar Pie!


Whip your own cream and add honey to sweeten.


Bake cookies with maple syrup or honey instead of sugar!


Tips for staying on track during the holidays:


1.       Continue to schedule your workouts.


2.       Bring a bottle of water everywhere you go.  Keep water in your body!


3.       If you are worried about the food being served, have a healthy snack before you go!


4.       Always make sure the dish you are bringing is a healthy one,  so you know you will have at least one option!


5.       Pre order in your mind before you leave for a party.  Maybe you are going to skip dessert but have a glass of wine!


Here is a tip when recipe hunting:


Google . . . . .  “Clean Eating” and whatever it is you are looking for . . . “Clean Eating Pumpkin pie”



Stay Active, Eat for Nourishment, and Enjoy the Holidays.  It is about being with family and friends!

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