Rude Travelers!

I was on a cruise last week, and if you have not been on a cruise before you must know there is time spent getting on and off the ship, waiting in a line hear and there. With that note I witnessed many RUDE TRAVELERS. It really amazed me, Why you ask? Because we are all on vacation together, visiting the same destination, so what is the hurry. Please read this, take a few notes for the next time you are traveling.

One afternoon I was at the salad bar in the buffet serving up myself a salad, now when I approach a buffet I find the start and follow the line, that would be the correct way? At this moment I am the only person at the salad bar when this other traveler walks up and reaches for the salad dressing as if I am not there, I actually had to back up. I thought to my self, WOW cannot she not see me?

The next day I was riding back on a boat from Belize to return to the Ship, they announced to stay seated until told to depart the boat, but the 7 ft tall gentlemen sitting next to me must have not heard that announcement he actually stepped over my legs to rush over and wait to get off the boat. Again, I thought WOW was he late for something? Did he really need to step over me?

Again as we were riding our boat over to the Bahamas we were not even on shore yet and half of the passengers got up from their seats and rushed to the front of the boat, thinking that is where you exit. Funny thing is all the kind patient travelers that were still sitting got off first, off the back of the boat.

I was traveling with my husband and 2 other couples and this was an on going conversation for the 6 of us. We just could not believe how people were so rude. In the end the 6 of us became much kinder to the people around us. It is a great feeling being kind and I love seeing the persons response when you are kind to them!

Please remember this when traveling next time, being rude just does not get you anywhere remember you are on vacation just take your time and you will have a wonderful relaxing vacation and that is what it is all about!

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