It is a passion of mine to help others release weight, learn how to eat clean, feel their greatest, and crush their goals!

After being a yo-yo dieter for 7 years and not wanting my age to be an excuse I finally found the tools. I was introduced to the lifestyle of eating clean and learned why it is so important to supplement. When I knew I have found what I was missing and said good bye to yo-yo dieting I knew I had to start sharing these tools.

Each of my clients touch my heart in different ways. One thing many of them have in common is putting everyone and everything else before they take care of their selves.

Shawna was not any different she is the greatest friend to everyone and always there for them and their families!

When changing your life style, being ready to put yourself first to better your health is making that decision! That is the first step towards your success.

Did you know that being a in support group statics show you will release double the pounds rather than trying to do it on your own. I like to add that having supporters your Journey is more fun and enjoyable too. 

Last September Shawna made that decision she was ready to make a difference and that is EXACTLY what she did.

                                       Day 1             5 Months Later

In the beginning we spoke about her goals!  Having goals are essential you need to know what you are working towards and how you are going to get there. We started her with the best nutrition with our super food nutritional cleansing system,  shared with her the fundamentals of eating clean and she started working out!

I could not be anymore proud she took the tools and ran with it! Her transformation truly amazes me. Her journey is now been going on for 9 months and is maintaining her weight released.  If you ask me maintaining can be sometimes the hardest if you do not have the right tools once you do have those tools it just becomes your lifestyle and that is when you are living to your fullest!

Summer is near which means this is a time of the year many are brining on the goals.  My question for you is are you ready to Jump Start your Journey?
Please send a email to jumponyourjourney@gmail.com  to learn more about our programs. We look forward to hearing from you!

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