Summer Family Fun!

Summer is the perfect time for families to engage in activities that promote movement, establish healthy habits, and foster fun memories. Whether it’s a weekend getaway, a day trip, or an activity in your backyard, families can do plenty of easy and fun things to make the most of their summer.

Movement is key to maintaining physical health, and summer offers ample opportunities for families to stay active. A family bike ride or hike is an excellent way to get outside, explore nature, and increase cardiovascular fitness. Swimming is another fantastic activity that engages the entire body while keeping everyone cool in the summer heat. If you don’t have access to a pool or beach, consider setting up a slip-n-slide or water balloon fight in your backyard.

In addition to movement, summer is an ideal time for families to establish healthy habits. Try creating a healthy snack station with fresh fruit, veggies, and hummus or nut butter for dipping. Encourage kids to drink plenty of water by making it fun with infused water recipes or purchasing reusable water bottles to decorate themselves. Set aside designated screen-free time each day to encourage reading, imaginative play, or outdoor activities.

Of course, summer wouldn’t be complete without a healthy dose of fun. Creating a family bucket list of summer activities is an excellent way to ensure you make the most of the season. Some easy and fun ideas to include might be:

  1. Visit a local farmer’s market and choose ingredients to make a homemade meal together.
  2. Have a family game night or outdoor movie night with snacks and blankets.
  3. Take a day trip to a nearby beach or lake for swimming and picnicking.
  4. Set up a backyard campout with a tent, s’mores, and ghost stories.
  5. Visit a nearby amusement park or water park for a day of thrills and excitement.
  6. Create a family scavenger hunt with clues and prizes.
  7. Host a backyard BBQ or potluck with friends and neighbors.

The possibilities are endless, and with a little creativity, families can make the most of their summer and create lasting memories. By prioritizing movement, establishing healthy habits, and incorporating fun activities, families can make the most of their summer and enjoy all the season has to offer. I’d love you to share what is on your summer bucket list!

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