The Holidays are here!

I love this time of the year parties, time with family, traditions and so much more. However it can be a time where we forget our goals an lifestyle. When this happens we tend to feel not so good or sluggish. Here are a few of my favorite tips to continue to stay on track, feel my best and still enjoy the Holidays! I hope you will too! 
Holiday Tips!


  1. Respect your Schedule: Continue to plan your workouts and meals. Do not let your schedule fill up to full. It is important to enjoy this season, so slow down!
  2. Make some healthy holiday goals. This may be to promise yourself to continue with 3 workouts per week. Maybe to stick to your sleep schedule. Make a goal of only cocktails for new years. Have fun with the goals they can be small ones that will make a BIG difference.
  3. Keep up your water in-take. With all the errands, parties and more going on, this will help you continue to feel your best. Do not leave the house with out any water!
  4. Wake up each day and start it right! With a glass of water, vitamins, your reading/gratitude/personal development. 
  5. Workout. DO not skip!
  6. Never go to a Holiday Party Hungry. This will help you from over eating. My favorite is to have a half of protein shake just before I leave.
  7. Before eating at the party, look over all options. Then you can be prepared with what healthier options you will place on your plate and what special treats you will enjoy!
  8. Be active after your meal! Bring twister and get the kids involved. Pack your winter boots and head outside. Whatever you do try not to head for the lazy boy for a nap.
  9. Most of all remember this is a time to ENJOY~ Do not stress or worry about the small things. Just enjoy.   
    From my family to yours We Wish You a Happy, Safe, Healthy and Memorable Holiday Season! 

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