Trip Review: Fort Myers Beach, FL

The requests are high for Florida travel and overall more US destinations. 

I travel to where you are requesting. It is my favorite way to learn more about the ins and outs. So recently I jetted off with my daughter and two nieces to Fort Myers Beach, FL to visit Sanibel Island for a day.  I have been to Florida many times but not to this area. However when planning Florida vacations I am always drawn to this area.  

I love that heat and the simplicity of an all-inclusive vacation with a mix of non all-inclusive vacations full of exploring. I like the variety of both styles.  

Tips, takeaways, and trip review for Fort Myers Beach, FL:

  1. Fort Myers Beach/Sanibel – It’s very casual. I am a get dressed up for dinner kind of girl so this was a little different for me. Really, anything goes but mostly you could get away with not packing a dress or anything too fancy.
  2. January – March Travel – Pack layers. Mornings can start cool and then later in the afternoon it can be cool again. The wind can pick up or the clouds can burn off. If you go on an adventure for the day, bring layers along. 
  3. Simple Hotels – This feels different from an all inclusive in Mexico or Caribbean. There is so much to see and do you could leave your hotel almost every day. This means you may not need a lot of amenities at your hotel because you might not even use them. I know when it comes to US travel many love having a heated pool, because the weather can be unpredictable, and a room with a fridge and coffee maker just for some in room conveniences. 
  4. Pinterest the hot spots – Research what there is to do in the area so you have a plan. Pinterest is a great resource and a fun way to find the hot spots! Even ones that are a little more off the beaten path. 
  5. Download YELP – This will help you find dining in a more simple way. 
  6. Car Rentals – This helps you see more. It can be intimidating driving in an unfamiliar city, but take your time and enjoy it all. Having a car can get you to so many more places. I highly recommend this if you love to venture around. I just love the freedom and flexibility having my own wheels allows. 

Your travel destinations might look different for you this year, and this is okay! The US has so many beautiful destinations to explore. If you are like me and love to get away and enjoy some warm weather, do not forget April and May are also a beautiful time to get your vacation in with a little more warmth while Minnesota is still taking its time to warm back up after a long cold winter. 

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