What is Amy Jo up to now?

Remember last year I shared Amy Jo’s story with you. She made a goal to release 37 pounds by her 37th Birthday. Not only did she crush that goal she made a new goal to compete at Fitness Universe in Las Vegas this last November.

I know her story inspired many because she is a busy wife, mom of 2, friend and so much more! I asked Amy Jo to share an updated on her Journey!

Words from Amy Jo

It’s the end of January and freezing cold out, but it doesn’t stop me!!

Its been a Year and half since I started my journey to a healthy life… and wow its been a great time! Since my last blog with Jump on My Journey I had hit my goal of 37lbs for my 37th birthday, ya!!!!! At that time I set a year goal, Fitness Universe, Bikini!!!! Wow what a year!!

 Day 1 of Amy Jo’s Journey

Setting my goal for one year seemed to be forever…..but really take a look at it. I had already 30 day, 60 day and 90 day goals, so with this I felt that I need to go big or go home!! I knew that I could lose weight and eat clean, but how about really changing my body and learning more. TIPS: still those 30 day small goals…like trying to make new food, lifting that extra 20lb, or running that next mile. Reward yourself!!!!

90 days later hitting her 1st Goal!

Healthy living is nothing but the best! I have changed my life and career in to help people change the lives. Do I always be good, no, but I don’t worry about what its going to do to my weight when I have a night out with my family or date night with the hubby.

1 Year later!

Next goal???? Haven’t set anything in stone, MMA style, Fitness Universe in June, Tri Athlons, for sure staying healthy and help other stay healthy. Rock it with everything you got and Dream Big!!!

Thank you Amy Jo for letting me be apart of your Journey!!  I am so proud and excited for what is next . . . until then enjoy!!

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