Why do we always pack so much?

It is that time of the year where many of us are heading off to a tropical destination! We all know it is going to be hot, and pretty much be in out Swimsuits all week but we still over pack!

I am going to share a few tips on how to pack lighter and some general packing a preparation for your next vacation! First off you have your Carry-on and your Check Suitcase please check with your airlines website for exact details on sized, weight and requirements for pre paying you checked luggage. Also always check with your airline within 24 hours of departure to make sure your flights are on time and still schedule the same time for departure.

General Packing and Preparation Tips:

1. Limit Personal Information: You do not have to bring everything in your wallet, Limit it to your drivers licenses, 1 credit card and cash. Remember the more you bring the more that can get lost or stolen.

2. Contact your Credit Card and Cell Phone Companies: Let them know you will be out of the Country.

3. Pack Brown or Black: Arrange all your outfits to have the main color black (for example) Right away this will eliminate less shoes (like your brown ones).

4. Know your resorts Dress code for dining.

5. Bring along Smaller Bills: 75 one dollar bills, you are ready for tipping. Even if you are staying at an all inclusive resort that does not accept tips do not forget about your travel days, taxi rides, or when you head off the resort.

6. Space Saving Bags: If you are trying to pack in your carry-on the space saving bags work great! I also like them to protect my clothing in case of any leaking from my bathroom products.

7. Travel Document: Always read through your documents and ask your travel agent any questions prior to your departure.

8. Last Have a great time: If you come across slower service remember it is common in a Tropical Destination and it is ok you are on Vacation!

You can look back at Feb. 28 2011 post for more Packing Tips!
Happy Packing!

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