Discover the Mexican Charm of Riviera Maya, Puerto Vallarta, and Cozumel

Mexico is a treasure trove of vibrant culture. There are many destination spots within the country itself. We love this location for the variety of hotels for romance and couples and for family fun. I’m sharing about my top three favorite destinations: Riviera Maya, Puerto Vallarta, and Cozumel. Mexican Marvel Mexico is a country that has an irresistible blend of … Read More

Riviera Maya: A Tropical Paradise Awaits

Nestled along the stunning Caribbean coastline of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, Riviera Maya is a tropical haven that seamlessly blends ancient history with modern luxury. This destination offers something for every traveler.  Gathering Insider Knowledge I just returned from a week with two of our travel agents, Abby Black and Jenna Rudy. We had a wonderful time exploring the area and … Read More

Our Number One Question When Planning a Disney Vacation

The first question when exploring a Walt Disney World vacation is where to stay?  Do you stay “on property:  Inside the Bubble”, or do you choose to stay “off property:  Outside the Bubble”?  Here are three things to consider when deciding where to rest your weary feet: 1:  Cost per night:  When adding up the cost per night, be sure … Read More

9 Tips to Do Before You Leave for Vacation

It does not matter how many times a year you travel or for how long you are gone. These may be helpful for your 2-week vacation or your weekend away. If you’re anything like me, I live for convenience. I find it much more settling to come home to a few things clean and in order. Here are a few … Read More

Five Reasons Why I Love Traveling to Mexico

Mexico is a beautiful destination with so much to offer those who vacation there. I have enjoyed travelingto Mexico for about 20 years exploring most of the well-known areas of Riviera Maya, Cancun, IslaMujeres, Cozumel, Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos, and Ixtapa. Each spot offers its own uniqueness. Here are five reasons why I love to travel to Mexico. The ease … Read More

A New Look for Nichole Winter

If there’s one thing I know for sure, change is inevitable. Change forces new habits, intention, slowing down, evaluation, reflection, vulnerability, and willingness. When forced with change, we can choose to embrace it or push it away. Prior to March of 2020, I had my business activities dialed in. I consistently wrote blogs, sent eNewsletters, and posted on social media … Read More

The Beauty of Southern Utah

My husband and I have been trying to travel in the fall to fun destinations in the lower 48 states. Typically, we travel in the winter for beach side vacations; however, we have been really enjoying exploring a bit closer to home during the fall. In the last few years I have found a love for hiking. I love not … Read More

4 Travel Day Tips

I think we all have stories of our travel days, the good, the bad, and the ugly. There are four simple things I always do so I can enjoy the good travel days.  Hydrate – Have you ever noticed once you arrive at the airport you feel dehydrated even in your skin? I make sure to increase my water intake … Read More

4 Reasons You Should Use a Travel Agent in 2021 (and always)

In 2020, so much changed in our travels. Now more than ever, people want to know what to expect during travel and how to prepare for their next vacation. Having an expert on your side will help you get your questions answered and excitement high. 4 Reasons You Should Use a Travel Agent 1. They are in the “know”. All … Read More

5 Tips for Travel in 2021

I love traveling the months of January through March, and so many of my clients are also ready to get out of the cold for a bit. It is so refreshing to get away from life’s hustle and bustle and enjoy some sunshine for a while. Also – it feels good to take a break from laundry, cleaning and cooking … Read More